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“Your non-surgical rejuvenation journey at VanderVeer Center begins from the moment you schedule your complimentary consultation with us. Join us seven days a week for a cup of coffee or glass of wine while you meet with one of our aesthetic medical experts in a private, discreet consultation, and learn what we can do for you without the knife! We will create a customized treatment plan to accomplish your desired goals on your timeline and your budget. We will be with you every step of the way as you allow us to help you feel as good as you look!”
Founder and CEO, Elizabeth VanderVeer

Pre/Post Care Documents (PDF downloads)

VVC Accent_Yag Pre _ Post Care

VVC Alex Pre _ Post Care

VVC CoolSculpting Pre _ Post Care

VVC Dermal Filler Pre _ Post Care

VVC Dermapen Pre _ Post Care

VVC E-Matrix Pre _ Post Care

VVC GainsWave PRP Pre _ Post Care

VVC IPL _AFT_Acne Pre _ Post Care

VVC Kybella_LipoDissolve Pre _ Post Care

VVC Laser Hair Reduction Pre _ Post Care

VVC LED Pre _ Post Care

VVC Medical Peel Pre _ Post Care

VVC Microdermabrasion Pre _ Post Care

VVC Neurotoxin Pre _ Post Care

VVC Pixel_Pre _ Post Care

VVC PRP Pre _ Post Care

VVC Sclerotherapy Pre _ Post Care

VVC ThermiVa Pre _ Post Care

VVC Ultherapy Pre _ Post Care

VVC Vitamin B Injections Pre _ Post Care

VVC V-Beam Pre _ Post Care

VVC V-Spot Pre _ Post Care

VVC Z-Wave Pre _ Post Care

Consent Documents (PDF downloads)

VVC Accent Consent

VVC CoolSculpting Consent

VVC Dermal Filler Consent

VVC Dermapen Consent

VVC EMatrix Consent

VVC GainsWave Consent

VVC Hydrafacial Consent

VVC IPL_Alex_Vbeam Consent

VVC Kybella_LipoDissolve Consent

VVC Laser Hair Reduction Consent

VVC LED Consent

VVC Medical Peel Consent

VVC Microdermabrasion Consent

VVC Neurotoxins Consent

VVC Pixel_Micro and Macro Consent

VVC PRP Consent

VVC Sclerotherapy Consent

VVC ThermiVa Consent

VVC Ultherapy Consent

VVC Vitamin B Injection Consent

VVC V-Spot Shot Consent

VVC Yag Consent

VVC Z-Wave Consent

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